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Andrew is a Principal Architect at ISE and leads ISE’s Agile community. He recently earned two new Agile certifications: ICAgile Certified Expert – Agile Coaching (ICE-AC) and ACI Certified Teams Transformation Coach (ACI-CTTC). Andrew is passionate about creating great teams, great software and great customer experiences, and is constantly looking for ways to adapt industry experience and best practices into ISE. In his free time, Andrew enjoys dancing Argentine Tango, public speaking with Toastmasters International, and Yoga.

Analysis vs. Doing Something

How long should a team spend analyzing something before doing something? A team I work with recently used a “spike” to investigate how to implement a new system capability. The spike was open for two sprints, although I am not sure how much effort was expended over the course of those two sprints. The fact [...]

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Feature Teams and Component Teams

I recently found myself in a conversation with a colleague regarding feature teams vs. component teams. The colleague was expressing his frustration with feature teams. In his environment, there are a number of shared infrastructure systems on top of which are built a variety of products and features. His frustrations included: […]

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Continuous Integration… Canary or Barn Cat?

One of the staple technical practices of agile software development is Continuous Integration (CI). A continuous integration environment provides fast feedback on the state of your code. In a typical configuration, the CI tool is configured with a “job” that monitors the source code repository for commits. When a commit is made, the job: [...]

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Groundhog Day

Recently, a friend and I were sharing our love for the movie Groundhog Day. In this movie Phil, a disgruntled, cynical weather reporter (played by Bill Murray) visits a town to report on the emergence of the groundhog and whether this indicated 6 more weeks of winter. Of course, Phil has a terrible day and [...]

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