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About Anthony Bopp, Scaled Scrum Facilitator

Anthony Bopp is a certified scaled scrum leader and Agile coach, as well as Scaled Scrum Facilitator. In his 15 years at ISE he has worked on a wide range of projects from educational software to embedded systems to client-server enterprise applications. He enjoys planning flexible and comprehensive test approaches to complex software, and helping scrum teams on scaled projects integrate more smoothly together. He’s a photographer in his spare time, and has been known to appear in a stage play or two.

The Hardest Part

Technical debt is hard. It’s hard admitting that technical debt even exists. Admitting it exists means that you’re admitting to maintaining code you’re not proud of. It may not be code you’ve written, but on the other hand it may very well be. Part of growing is learning, part of learning is to recognize that [...]

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Goodbye Regression

I’ve been doing regression testing for over 20 years, split about 50/50 between waterfall and Agile implementations. Regression testing has several characteristics, few of which are attractive no matter what framework you’re in. It’s a long, tedious, unpleasant process that no one really wants to do. And, as with all such processes, it is by [...]

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