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//Foundations in Learning Selects Innovative Software Engineering

Foundations in Learning Selects Innovative Software Engineering

IOWA CITY (July 9, 2012) – Foundations in Learning, a provider of effective intervention solutions for elementary and middle school age students, has retained Innovative Software Engineering (ISE) to enhance their flagship product Access Code and enable it to be used on the iPad.

Access Code is a web-based supplementary curriculum that enables students, especially those who struggle with reading, to finally read fluently and with comprehension. Access Code is the first of a series of curriculum tools released by Foundations in Learning, and the only reading product on the market that uses the Varied Practice Model, which has been shown to improve the retention and generalization of learned skills. School districts across the country are seeing the impact of Access Code with some of their most challenging learners.

“We are thrilled to be working with Foundations in Learning to build a product like Access Code, which has had such a positive impact on helping students reach their potential in reading,” said Hass Machlab, President and CEO of ISE.

ISE was originally selected in 2009 to develop Access Code in preparation for its initial release in 2010. Foundations in Learning plans to release the enhanced software for this fall, in time for the 2012-13 school-year. The headline enhancement is to enable Access Code to be used on the iPad, an increasingly popular tool in schools nationwide. ISE has already conducted a proof of concept where the product successfully operates on the iPad in a scalable manner using cloud technology.

“ISE has been a great partner for us to work with to ensure that Access Code is an easy to use, scalable and robust product accessible on the most leading edge platforms for any student nation-wide,” said Dr. Carolyn Brown, co-founder of Foundations in Learning.

In addition to the iPad development, curriculum updates and a game format make the product appealing to struggling middle school students and appropriate for English Language Learners (ELL).

About ISE
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About Foundations in Learning
Foundations in Learning develops curriculum tools to help ensure that students improve fluency and comprehension. The technology-delivered, research based programs are supported by learning models that have been demonstrated to be effective in other areas of learning and are particularly relevant to the development, application and generalization of reading skills. More information can be found on the company’s web site at

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