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What people are saying about ISE Fleet Services

eFleetSuite, ISE’s commercial-grade compliance application has been specifically designed from the ground up for adoption by telematics service providers and fleets alike. Here’s what our partners and customers have said about working with us:

eFleetSuite applications provide our customers a competitive advantage and the necessary tools to improve driver safety and ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations. Our customers will experience productivity improvements by automation of compliance information capture, elimination of paper process and real-time notification of driver’s available hours and equipment defects.
- Dan Warren, Product Manager, SkyBitz
Our partnership with ISE represents our commitment to delivering best-in-class software solutions to our customers. Demand for compliance solutions is high and we are very pleased to have ISE as our partner.
- Alex Ognjanac, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Isotrak
ISE’s extensive knowledge of compliance software, the products’ ease of use and ISE’s ability to customize them persuaded us to work with them more than three years ago…We chose ISE Electronic Driver Logs for its ease of use, FMCSA compliance and off-the-shelf features, which allowed for quick implementation using our existing hardware. When we decided that we needed to upgrade our mobile fleet management technology, it was critical that the new system allow us to continue using the ISE driver log and DVIR solutions and other proprietary applications we had built.
- Braxton Vick, Senior Vice President, Southeastern Freight Lines
This next generation solution further enhances our long-standing relationship with industry leading HOS software provider ISE. The enhanced solution will allow GPS Insight to leverage our expertise in GPS tracking while also providing an in-cab Android tablet that will feature robust DVIR, HOS, and truck routing applications.
- Elliot Batcheller, VP Operations, GPS Insight
Partnering with ISE enables us with the ability to provide our fleet customers a fully featured, easy to use Hours of Service and DVIR solution. eFleetSuite will increase driver productivity through automated documentation and provides real-time visibility to back-office personnel for increased operational efficiency.
- Mike Paredes, CEO, Gauge Telematics
ISE brings a wealth of experience in embedded systems, communications, on-vehicle OEM requirements and CAN bus integration, allowing them to contribute to the development of our transportation and logistics products.
- Andy Deninger, Director of Engineering, Qualcomm
We chose ISE because we were impressed with what the system had to offer. It has definitely simplified the log recordings and saves time. It reduces violations, just for the fact that it gives drivers a clear picture of what their day is, how many hours they have left, and the rest breaks. It’s a great tool for everybody involved.
- Jake and Christy Taylor, FedEx Ground Independent Contractor, JJ&T Trucking, Inc.
I chose ISE because of the strength of the electronic log system. Before, we would send logs back to drivers and they would have to correct their additions; those problems have now been eliminated. Manually editing logs, is gone. Now you pull up a few reports, make the necessary edits, and you’re up and running.
- Matt Shoup, Vice President, Cardinal Bus, Inc.
ISE, with their background in software and other things, was the choice to go, because they were more innovative and advanced than some of the other companies. Their unit was self-enclosed, compact, and user friendly for my drivers. Also, the tech support has been phenomenal. We don’t feel like we’re talking with someone that’s reading a script, and that in itself, is worth a mint in getting the results that you need to have.
- Mike Jones, FedEx Ground Independent Contractor, MSJ2, Inc.
The reason I chose ISE Fleet Services, was for availability, the price of the units, and a great attitude to work with. My company now has less paperwork. I can call anytime I have a problem, and it’s taken care of.
- Steve Maisano, FedEx Ground Independent Contractor, Howe Trucking, Inc.