Innovation Unleashed

When it comes to being innovative, many companies rely on an ineffective formula built on good ideas, individual heroes, and luck to produce success. However, rarely does a Good Idea + Individual Heroism + Serendipity equate to a Breakthrough. ISE is changing that equation with a different approach.

ISE’s innovation practice provides the capability and expertise to execute on, and sustain short and long-term growth innovation initiatives. At ISE, we achieve innovation because we view it as a business discipline. From idea generation, to development, to marketplace launch, innovation is managed and executed, utilizing an end-to-end methodology that provides a disciplined and uniformed process. This approach  allows ISE to work collaboratively with our clients to help them meet their business goals by leveraging innovative technology solutions.

ISE leverages a Minimum Viable Innovation System based on a Harvard Business Review Methodology, that is a low cost intermediate approach between ad hoc, unorganized innovation, and building an elaborate and costly innovation ‘factory.’ Projects can range from core innovation projects that enhance a business’ current strategy, to longer term new growth innovations that enable the innovations to meet long term objectives.

The Minimum Viable Innovation System leveraged by ISE makes efficient use of limited resources to focus innovation efforts on a small number of strategic opportunities.  Instead of conducting a comprehensive analysis, we leverage a targeted approach of understanding customers’ unmet needs and prioritizing the specific needs into a foundation for innovation. Then small, dedicated development teams work to create working prototypes; these prototypes are frequently reviewed to allow for pivots that start, stop, or redirect innovation projects.

Furthermore, we utilize the experience and deep capabilities of ISE’s Professional Services business in the areas of mobile development, cloud computing, IoT/telematics, and big data analytics to bring prototypes to production leveraging the Agile development methodology.