Innovative Software Engineering (ISE) has been awarded a three-year project sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) designed to evaluate the viability of wireless roadside inspection (WRI) of commercial motor vehicles.

The project is being managed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), a multi-program science and technology laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, with the U.S Department of Energy.

“This is a significant project for both the commercial motor vehicle industry and the federal government,” said Hass Machlab, ISE President and CEO. “We are honored to be selected by ORNL as their telematics services provider and software engineering services partner for such an important program.”

The purpose of the WRI program is to validate technologies that can improve safety by automating inspections using wireless capabilities to convey real-time identification and status information of commercial vehicles, drivers, and carriers.

In 2010, ISE participated in the pilot phase of the WRI program where it was the first firm to successfully demonstrate the viability of WRI technology during an FMCSA-sponsored Technology Showcase event in East Tennessee.

In this third and final phase of the program, wireless inspections will be conducted at some scale using currently-existing Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) technologies during a field operation test (FOT) of the wireless roadside inspection system on up to 1,000 vehicles.

The FOT will be conducted over a 12-month period in a real-world setting where participating commercial vehicles will be inspected wirelessly as they come in proximity to current fixed and temporary inspection sites across a 5-state region in the Southeast.

The field operation test is set to begin in December of 2015, after the completion of system design, development and testing. Participants in the WRI program will have their monthly telematics services fees paid for during the 12-month FOT as part of ISE’s contract arrangement to provide the CMRS portion of the WRI system.

As the sole telematics and engineering company sourced for this phase of the WRI program, ISE will provide an end-to-end telematics application with both mobile-and cloud-based components to interface seamlessly with the government system at key CMRS points during the driving period.

The solution will be developed by customizing ISE’s product, eFleetSuite, which provides electronic driver logs and other features that enable commercial vehicles to comply with safety regulations.

Key functions will include geofence detection when the vehicle is approaching an inspection site, the transmission of vehicle and driver information to the government system, receiving back the inspection results and displaying instructions to the driver—all in real-time.

Innovative Software Engineering (ISE)