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//ISE Fleet Services First to Demonstrate Wireless Roadside Inspection Technology – Live

ISE Fleet Services First to Demonstrate Wireless Roadside Inspection Technology – Live

CORALVILLE, IOWA OCTOBER 28, 2010: ISE Fleet Services became the first firm to successfully demonstrate the viability of wireless roadside inspection (WRI) technology during everyday fleet operating conditions to industry and FMCSA observers at the recent FMCSA sponsored Technology Showcase in East Tennessee on October 14. Under the watchful eye of FMCSA administrator Anne Ferro and numerous DOT and state government officials, a motor coach owned by Greene Coach Tours passed by the Greene County Tennessee Inspection Station at highway speed. As the coach approached the station, a preconfigured geofence triggered eFleetSuite equipment and software supplied by ISE Fleet Services to send driver hours of service information wirelessly to the John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center where it was relayed in real-time to displays at the station. While the coach was still passing by the station, observers were able to view detailed driver duty status changes captured and calculated by ISE Fleet Services electronic driver log software that is FMCSA 395.15 compliant.

Notes Gary Capps, Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Technical Director for the Commercial Motor Vehicle Roadside Technology Corridor: “Thanks to all the ISE team. We could not have been successful without your company and the great effort by all the staff at ISE. We have received nothing but praise from FMCSA and the senior leadership at the Tennessee Department of Safety. We proved yesterday that WRI is real, and I look forward to collecting data over the next couple of months to further validate what we already know in a more quantitative and qualitative way. Congratulations to ISE on a successful demonstration.”

The Wireless Roadside Inspection (WRI) Program is designed to significantly increase the number of commercial motor vehicle safety inspections and capture in real-time the identifications of driver, carrier, vehicle, hours-of-service, and information about the condition of the vehicle. Benefits from the program include increasing safety by decreasing the number of unsafe CMV’s on the highways by enabling as many as 50 times more safety inspections with the same number of inspector personnel. Carrier benefits are significant as well. Carriers will be able to improve CSA 2010 scores by receiving credit for positive inspections that might otherwise never take place at crowded and busy inspection stations. Safe and legal vehicles will enjoy reduced inspection station stops boosting carrier productivity.

ISE Fleet Services focuses on helping fleets to operate safely and affordably while easily complying with rapidly changing regulations. ISE Fleet Services leverages decades of transportation technology expertise of the Innovative Software Engineering (ISE) team to provide eFleetSuite, a modular and customizable end-to-end solution that provides FMCSA compliant electronic driver logs and driver vehicle inspection reports. eFleetSuite is designed to adapt to future technologies which might be demanded for compliance while protecting customer investments of installed equipment. This deployed and proven solution helps fleets comply with federal regulations, improve fleet safety, and increase fleet and corporate productivity.

“Our drivers were impressed with the EOBR ease of use and its ability to automatically determine driving periods. They benefitted from knowing the real time available driving hours to stay compliant. The workflow and integration between the electronic driver logs and driver vehicle inspection reporting applications is unique and ensures that needed information for safety compliance and vehicle maintenance is consistently captured,” said Russell Ooten, owner Greene Coach Tours.

About Innovative Software Engineering and ISE Fleet Services:
Innovative Software Engineering (ISE) is a leading full-service software development and systems integration firm providing Business Strategy, Program Management, Systems Engineering, Software Development and Quality Assurance services. ISE specializes in developing telematics solutions, enterprise mobility applications and custom software tailored to the unique needs of its clients. Customers come from a wide range of industries including communications, education, telematics, transportation and health care. ISE Fleet Services leverages ISE’s products and experience and specializes in end-to-end solutions geared especially to satisfying the safety and compliance demands of its commercial fleet customers in North America. Customers include Southeastern Freight Lines, Navistar, John Deere, McGraw-Hill Education, Qualcomm, and Intermec.

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ISE Fleet Services

ISE Fleet Services leverages decades of transportation technology expertise to offer a configurable end-to-end solution to manage driver’s hours-of-service and vehicle maintenance compliance, which results in a safer, more profitable operation.
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