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“While we continue to be impressed with your process, it is the integrity and commitment of the people on your team that truly sets you apart.”
Carolyn J. Brown, PhD., Founder, Breakthrough to Literacy, McGraw-Hill Education
“After searching the market for possible off-the-shelf solutions, we opted to work with ISE because they showed us they have the experience and talent to develop solutions that fit our specific business needs.”
Chris Klitgaard, President, MediRevv
“eFleetSuite applications provide our customers a competitive advantage and the necessary tools to improve driver safety and ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations. Our customers will experience productivity improvements by automation of compliance information capture, elimination of paper process and real-time notification of driver’s available hours and equipment defects.”
Rick Martins, CEO,SMARTLogix
“Our partnership with ISE represents our commitment to delivering best-in-class software solutions to our customers. Demand for compliance solutions is high and we are very pleased to have ISE as our partner.”
Alex Ognjanac, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Isotrak
“Partnering with ISE will help our customers avoid these problems, increase driver productivity through automated documentation and provide real-time visibility for back-office personnel into driver and vehicle status for increased operational efficiency.”
Renaat Ver Eecke, Vice President and General Manager, Navman Wireless
“Safety compliance is paramount to our customers. Integrating eDVIRs into PowerVue allows our customers to automate a manual process, making the information more reliable and accessible, which leads to safer fleet operations. We chose ISE as our partner because of the company’s deep experience in the market, ease of implementation and the ability to customize the application to our specific needs, including the ability to leverage our web services architecture for tight, reliable integration into PowerVue.”
Owen Smith, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy Cadec
“ISE’s extensive knowledge of compliance software, the products’ ease of use and ISE’s ability to customize them persuaded us to work with them more than three years ago…We chose ISE Electronic Driver Logs for its ease of use, FMCSA compliance and off-the-shelf features, which allowed for quick implementation using our existing hardware. When we decided that we needed to upgrade our mobile fleet management technology, it was critical that the new system allow us to continue using the ISE driver log and DVIR solutions and other proprietary applications we had built.”
Braxton Vick, Senior Vice President, Southeastern Freight Lines
“The performance of the ISE team has more than justified our choice of ISE as our long-term development partner. The development team was quick to grasp our requirements and turn the design into deliverable applications.”
Bob Eckles, Principal, VolPcare Technology
“Innovative Software Engineering brought superior and specific telematics industry knowledge to our organization and worked as a strategic and operational business partner. Their development expertise and quality processes led to product reliability and growth. Their commercial vehicle telematics savvy is unquestionably a core strength.”
Daniel Lindberg, VP and General Manager, Navistar Electronics, Navistar, Inc.
“Innovative Software Engineering led our end-to-end telematics software development and brought a wealth of experienced technical talent, best-in-class software development processes, and rigorous project management to our organization.”
Anil Bansal, Director of Engineering, Navistar, Inc.
“ISE brings a wealth of experience in embedded systems, communications, on-vehicle OEM requirements and CAN bus integration, allowing them to contribute to the development of our transportation and logistics products.”
Andy Deninger, Director of Engineering, Qualcomm
“ISE has been a valuable resource and partner for many years. They are uncompromising in their processes and integrity. Those core values have given us a robust and stable production software platform that has served us well for years. To put it simply, I would appreciate any opportunity to work with ISE again in the future.”
Eric Soride, CTO, Foundations in Learning
“We have worked with ISE for several years and they continue to demonstrate their dedication to our healthcare business needs. Providers across the nation are challenged with managing high volumes of insurance claims that require follow-up activity. We came to ISE with this complex need and they creatively helped us scope, design and quickly implement a high performing solution within our compressed timeline. ISE has been an invaluable strategic partner.”
Terry Reinsager, Vice President of Technology, MediRevv