Matt DeCampWelcome back to the Meet Our Team Q&A series. My name is Daniela Williams, Project Manager at ISE, and I’ll be asking ISE team members questions to help give insight into what makes us tick. 

Working from home has become the new normal for everyone in our company.  For some insight into that world, today I’m interviewing Matt DeCamp who has been working remotely for close to ten years.

Q. How long have you worked at ISE and what did you do prior?

Matt: I started at ISE in October of 2005, so I’m coming up on 15 years this fall. Before that, I was in graduate school at Indiana University, getting my MS in Computer Science. In 2011, I moved to the Chicago area to follow a career opportunity for my wife Rebecca, and I’ve been working remotely ever since.

Q: What was an unexpected adjustment to working from home?

Matt: I’m not sure there was anything I didn’t expect, but there were some experiences that stood out to me. When I lived in Iowa and worked onsite, going out to lunch with coworkers was a significant part of my routine, and it was a social experience that I valued. After the move, it was necessarily going to be impossible to maintain, and I missed it. Generally speaking, as a highly social person, adjusting to that distance was significant for me, and I’ve made an effort over the years to maintain that social contact with people over IM so that I can continue to feel connected.

Q: There is a lot of great information with tips for working from home. What advice do you have for all the newly-remote people? 

Matt: A lot of the common tips you see about working from home are very good. One really big one is that it’s important to have a space reserved just for work to keep yourself in a work mindset. Also, have a routine and stick to it. When you’re on the clock, you don’t carry your laptop around to other parts of the house. If you get up to get coffee, that’s fine, since you would have done that anyway, but generally speaking, stay in your reserved work space when you’re working, and be consistent.

Q: Now that we are all working remotely, how has that changed your interactions with your team?

Matt: Honestly, it’s barely noticeable on my end. The only thing that’s significantly different for me is that the load on IT services for remoting has greatly increased, making them less stable and consistent than I’m accustomed to.

Q: What do you do for fun?

Matt: I guess there are two ways to answer that. Usually, the answer is that I enjoy going out to dinner, the zoo, or museums with my family, playing board games with my friends, etc. Unfortunately most of those activities aren’t currently available to me (for good reason), so most of my social activities are limited to family interactions in the home. The main way I continue to have activities with friends is through online video games, but I hope to be able to find some ways to play board games with them remotely as well.

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