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Cloud Computing

Businesses from large enterprises to startups are employing an “all-in” strategy of cloud computing as a competitive advantage, to reduce IT overhead, and manage costs and capabilities. Taking this approach, helps them to rapidly adapt to variable workloads, and try new applications and technologies without significant risks. Most importantly, cloud resources can deliver capabilities such as big-data analytics that would be prohibitively expensive to deploy in a traditional on-premises or leased datacenter environment.

Since 2008, ISE has been leveraging cloud technologies to support our clients in the transportation industry with a mobile-based compliance solution.  We understand not just the complexities and challenges of deploying in the cloud, but also the many opportunities and efficiencies cloud computing can deliver.

Learn more about our capabilities:

Our development teams can consult on cloud strategy, from help selecting IaaS and SaaS providers, to identifying and implementing security policies and procedures that integrate with your organization’s existing IT policies.  For development, we provide frameworks and tools for rapid cloud deployment and testing, continuous integration services, cost management and accounting, as well as monitoring and analytics.

Our mobile compliance solution is backed by the cloud, and we can bring that scalability, flexibility, and performance to custom-built solutions.  From backend and support for mobile applications, to frontend design or embedded devices and everything in between, our professional services teams can develop custom applications in the cloud, whatever your needs.

We’re also experienced at bringing existing solutions into the cloud, and integrating cloud apps and services into other products.  Find out how the cloud can improve the solutions you already have.  Now more than ever, Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows us to synthesize amazing capabilities from existing datasets and interfaces.  Integrate Weather data, Social Networks, CRM, EHR, and more to augment your existing capabilities. Our experienced engineers are ready to bring your solutions into the cloud today!

Cloud computing offers a competitive advantage, with the ability to scale infrastructure and application capabilities on demand to handle rapid growth and traffic spikes, and scale down for when it’s not needed.  The cloud lets you try new ideas without investing in physical infrastructure and upkeep, all at the speed of code.

ISE is a reliable partner for developing end-to-end software-defined platforms for global delivery of applications and services. We can help navigate the field of available resources to devise solutions for Mobile, IoT, Big Data, or whatever your business needs.