Today’s market is mobile

To stay competitive in your industry, developing a custom mobile application for Android or iOS is a must. But it’s not enough to just have an app, it must be sleek, modern and robust to compete. ISE can get you there. Not only do we have the mobile development expertise, but we also bring the value of specific domain expertise for our clients. We have experience building web and mobile applications for the transportation, agriculture, healthcare, and education industries.

See how our service offerings can pave the way for your organization:

At ISE, we start the thinking process at the intersection of business and technology. We help shape your strategy by:

  • Identifying key concerns such as target markets, platforms, security and privacy, and more
  • Developing your roadmap to a minimum viable product and beyond
  • Defining a monetization strategy
  • Developing your alpha/beta/launch strategy
  • Keeping you involved from start to finish

Looking for inspiration? Our UX designers and developers will:

  • Design application interfaces optimized for phone and tablet
  • Be part of a unified team, working to shape the experience
  • Provide a vision for your application(s), with wireframes appropriate for target platforms as well as for your market
  • Ensure your apps meet platform style guidelines and are accepted in app stores

Our application development teams will:

  • Develop high-quality, custom apps on any platform (iOS, Android, Cross-Platform)
  • Work as a self-sufficient team or alongside your team members
  • Provide value early and respond quickly to any feedback with our Agile development cycle
  • Create anything from a rapid prototype, to a full system with cloud infrastructure and hardware integration

We’ll ensure your app is robust and guide future development by:

  • Using continuous integration and automated testing to catch and fix bugs so they never reach users
  • Employing analytics tools to provide immediate, detailed reports directly from user devices for any issues that do occur in the field
  • Helping you understand where your application is used, by whom, and on which devices, providing valuable market insight
  • Tracking updates to ensure users are getting the most from your latest features
  • Identifying highly (and rarely) used features to help focus business priorities
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