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IoT and Telematics are the intersection of three things: sensors and actuators, connectivity, and people and processes. Combined they create a digital nervous system for your device.

Internet of Things

From embedded edge sensors and wireless communication, to data collection and analytics, our experienced engineers can help with the most complex Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

  • IoT systems architecture and integration
  • Development and deployment of new IoT subsystems
  • Sensor and hardware evaluation
  • Complete life cycle management

In fact, before the phrase IoT was coined, we were practicing IoT in the form of vehicle telematics.


In Vehicle Telematics, technology and business strategy are rapidly changing. As the technology continues to evolve, it’s vital to get on board with a solutions provider that has the experience to keep pace. ISE is that solutions provider.

This is how we can help:

Vehicle telematics systems don’t just materialize out of thin air. A lot of thinking has to go into them to create the most effective solutions possible.

  • At ISE, we ensure that your business objectives are met
  • We communicate clearly and ask all the right questions
  • If you’re new to telematics, we show your people the ropes
  • We provide an objective, outside perspective so you can choose the correct system

So you already have a vehicle telematics system in place? No problem. At ISE, we take great pride in helping our clients evaluate and, if necessary, enhance their established systems.

  • We identify common mistakes and poor practices found in many existing systems
  • We make sure your business and technical teams have a shared vision
  • This helps to create a structurally stronger and more reliable system
  • An improved system results in a higher success rate of meeting business objectives
  • We show you how to maintain your system and improve it as your goals evolve

The expression “the only constant is change” also holds true in the area of vehicle telematics. That goes for changing business objectives, as well as for ever-transforming government and industry regulations. We’re often called on by clients to help manage these changes, and here’s how we do it:

  • We modify existing systems, adapting the architecture and design to create a robust solution able to handle future changes
  • We plan out each step, providing you with a predictable and honest schedule
  • We thoroughly test every feature, ensuring the delivery of a quality, reliable end product
  • We show your personnel how to maintain the feature set once it’s developed and deployed

Our tried-and-true eFleetSuite/ISE Fleet Services offerings have allowed us to amass in-depth experience in the key areas of vehicle telematics operations related to deployments, provisioning, detecting possible outages and providing Tier 1–Tier 3 support. With this knowledge, we can assist you with your day-to-day telematics system.

  • We help you avoid the pitfalls often encountered by inexperienced teams
  • Should problems arise, we get to the root causes fast, thereby minimizing any down time
  • Our experienced Tier 1–Tier 3 support staff helps reduce customer frustration
  • We detect outages quickly, which results in less down time and a reduction of lost data
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